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LIFE is  a cycle of continuous change. We are born under a particular moon phase and sun sign, we all have a birth-day, time and place of birth, we all go through the cycles of life. From birth till death we experience amazing transformations throughout our life.

Like the moon in her eternal moon cycles we move through life's cycles and changes, transform and evolve.  From kindergarten, high school and beyond we learn about life. The  days, months, years and decades go by for all of us, every living creature.  The Moon Goddess is part of the magic we experience in life, the understanding we all want to grasp in our search for fulfillment and meaning to life throughout  life's journey, time is all we have.
The cycles of the moon can help us to find the magic within, our quest for LOVE HAPPINESS SOUL MATES BEAUTY ENLIGHTENMENT, AWAKENING, FAME & FORTUNE.  The sun and moon influence our life on a  deep and profound level, living our life in accordance to the natural cycles of the  moon, sun, stars and planetary influences is the key to living a success peace filled life, living a healthy authentic and happy life, free from toxic and destructive energies.
The Moon Goddess reveals that true beauty comes from our inner light, allow yourself to shine, discover your inner beauty, your inner illumination! 
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An invocation for the seeker of enlightenment- Blessed Moon Goddess Luna, Selena, Diana, you who influences the tides and oceans, shine your gentle guiding light into my heart, empower me with your insights your luminous light, help me to understand my life's purpose,  my talents, my psychic gifts, shine your illumination down upon my body, mind and soul so that I can see clearly the path that I am meant to take, the path of inner peace, the path of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment.  Hidden beneath my mortal tribulations and suffering I know there lives the magic of my diamond heart, my inner light. I am the light, I am gratitude, I am humility, I am love, I Am That I Am.
Namaste Blessings and Love.    (Copyright c Marayah R. Kis)
Moon Invocation-Blessed Mother we are kirth and kin thee and me, your light is my soul's illumination, your shape and form is  the divine feminine the power of creation, your LIGHT a reflection of my inner light, inner illumination. Beneath my dark sorrow and layers of suffering lives my inner light my diamond heart, I see your wisdom in moonlight, you know my destiny. From FULL  MOON to NEW MOON, WAXING  to WANING MOON you fill me with knowledge and empower me with your wisdom & magic. Merry do we meet and merry do we part, and merry do we always meet again at every cycle, at every phase I honor thee with gratitude, humility, pure love, empathy and protection of our earth, I honor you daily for your  healing, your blessings your creations and wisdom of the ages.  Blessed Be and So Mote it Be.
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